Vulcan Announces SonicSafe™ Ultrasonic Scale Fighting Technology

If you’re cooking with water, you’re dealing with scale. Water filling your steam generator includes contaminants, even if you are using scale filters. These contaminants cause scale build up if not effectively removed. This scale build-up clogs your steam generator, significantly reducing its efficiency and lifetime. To help remedy, this, we introduced SonicSafe™, the ultrasonic

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Custom Randell Cafeteria Equipment from Unified Brands for Hackettstown Middle School!

Just in time for a new school year! Custom Randell Cafeteria Equipment for Hackettstown Middle School. We updated the outdated, institutional-looking serving lines to the new tiger-colored serving lines you see below. After a little bit of paint, we ended up with a totally redone space worthy of the spirit and pride that the town has

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Chef’s Corner Official Vehicle!

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Chef’s Corner fleet! You’ll be seeing this baby cruising around all over the place delivering supplies, small pieces of equipment, and everything in between. Need us to run over and bring you supplies? Need a small piece of equipment dropped off immediately? Let us know

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