Four Ways Vulcan’s Durable Equipment Saves You Money


The success of your restaurant ultimately depends on money. After all, when your restaurant runs out of it, the doors close. It’s as simple as that. So, the imperative to plan wisely and budget accordingly is essential. And while the focus is often placed on saving money through more immediate strategies such as trimming labor and food costs, there’s another way to proactively start saving: Investing in durable Vulcan kitchen equipment. Here’s a closer look at four ways Vulcan’s innovative, durability-forward products can help you come out ahead.

  1. Reduced Replacement Costs

Comparing a piece of Vulcan kitchen equipment with a lower-quality alternative and opting for the latter may seem like a budget-conscious move, but it also could be a short-sighted one. Why? Because while Vulcan ranges, ovens, fryers, griddles and other restaurant kitchen equipment are engineered with durability in mind thanks to their thoughtful design and the use of the strongest, hardest-working materials, the same can’t necessarily be said of other models on the market today. In other words, Vulcan equipment will give you optimal performance for years to come, while less-durable models may wear out sooner. The result? An overall lower cost of ownership with Vulcan equipment with less maintenance, upkeep and replacement costs.

  1. Energy Savings = Money Savings

Vulcan’s innovative products aren’t just durable; many of them are also ENERGY STAR® certified. This means your foodservice operation doesn’t just conserve energy, you also reduce kitchen utility and maintenance expenses with no sacrifice of productivity, quality, style or features.


  1. Better Food Quality with Less Effort

Your restaurant lives and dies by the quality of its food. A key factor in achieving and supporting quality? Consistency. Unfortunately, daily wear and tear on standard commercial kitchen equipment can lead it to degrade, impacting performance across a variety of measures, including consistency and productivity. With Vulcan kitchen equipment, meanwhile, operators can expect the same performance day after day even under the most demanding conditions. Twelve-hour days and seven-day weeks more than meet their match in Vulcan.

  1. Staff Satisfaction

Vulcan’s durable equipment is specifically designed for commercial food production. This doesn’t just benefit foodservice operations and diners, but staff as well. Because Vulcan’s equipment is designed with the operator in mind, it is easy to use and operate. Innovative features such as the intuitive controls on our ABC Combi Oven and the dishwasher-safe removable doors on the VC5G Gas Oven, we constantly strive to help operators overcome daily challenges.

The overall takeaway? Investing in high-quality, Vulcan equipment not only saves you money in the long run, but your food quality, productivity, diner satisfaction, and ― ultimately ―your bottom line will benefit.

About Vulcan

Vulcan, a division of ITW Food Equipment Group LLC, is a leading manufacturer of cooking equipment in the U.S. with a broad line of products including ranges, convection and combi ovens, fryers, griddles, charbroilers, steamers, braising pans, kettles and heated holding cabinets.  Vulcan sells both to the foodservice and food retail end-user segments, including chain and independent restaurants, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, K-12 schools, colleges/universities, hotels, casinos, recreation, corrections, and grocery stores.

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